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Miha Rekar

👨‍💻 Software Developer
🎙️ Podcaster
☕️ Home Barista
🏃 Runner
📷 Photographer
📖 Aspiring Stoic
🦄 Incurably Curious

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About Me

Short Bio

I used to be a PHP Developer. Then I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and that light was Ruby. I wanted to share this revelation so I started Slovenia Ruby User Group. When I’m not programming or organizing I like to podcast, give talks, make coffee, take photos1, and run. Not necessarily at once.


© Marta Lamovšek [1, 2] | © Tjaša Klavora [3] | © Manuel Gruber [4]

  1. The photo blog that used to be here has been moved to b.mr.si. It’s old but there are still some nice pictures (and stories if you understand Slovene) you might enjoy. 

  2. When using please credit the author.