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Miha Rekar

👨‍💻 Software Developer
🎙️ Podcaster
☕️ Home Barista
🏃 Runner
📷 Photographer
📖 Aspiring Stoic
🦄 Incurably Curious

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Exactly 10 years ago I went to my first ever concert as a photographer. It was by Omar Naber in Escape club in Celje and I made a lot of awful photos. Matjaž Očko from M2O was there to guide me and I still failed miserably. This is about the only one that doesn’t completely suck and I still don’t like it.

Omar Naber in front of his fans in 2005

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes it’s nice to take a trip down the memory lane to see where you come from and what you’ve achieved. And remember - if you like doing something just keep at it and you will get better. I promise!