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This post has been in the making for a while. Not because I was lazy - because Jaybird doesn’t know how to do support.

First a quick backstory - I wanted to get bluetooth headphones for running. After reading and watching a myriad of online reviews I decided on Jaybird X2. They are light, with unbelievable battery life, great sound, a best-in-class bluetooth experience, and a ton of options to fit your ears perfectly. So my parents bought them for me exactly a year ago for my birthday. I ran a lot with them and I loved them. They were exactly as advertised - if not better.

On 16th of July I experienced an issue around the 20k mark of my run. The right earbud became silent. I wiggled it in my ear and got it working to approximately half the volume. I turned them off, tried them on different devices, but the problem persisted. So I contacted the support.

A week later I receive an automated email that they are “undergoing a system migration to help improve the Customer Experience”. They were migrating their support because Logitech bought them 3 months ago. Understandable. I guess. Next day I receive an email where I am to indicate how satisfied I am with the support I have received. Wat!? I haven’t received any support yet. So I reply to the email and let them know that. About 2 weeks later I turn to Twitter:

2 days later they reply and we have a short conversation over DMs where they tell me that they’ll “be in touch shortly via email”. 6 days later I get an email from the support. They thank me for my patience and apologize:

We were recently acquired by Logitech and have changed systems as well as warehouses which has caused a delay in our processes

Understandable. I guess. They instruct me to provide a proof of purchase and my address so that they can replace my headphones under the warranty.

4 days later I receive a reply where they instruct me to write my name and case number on a piece of paper, put headphones next to it, and take a photo. Then I am to cut the wire, and take another photo. This way they can be sure I destroyed the product so they can send me a replacement. This was on August 20th, so about a month after my initial support request.

9 days later I receive another email where I am to indicate how satisfied I am with the support I have received. But I haven’t had any headphones shipped to me yet so I tell them that. Next day they apologize for the automated email and tell me:

We are still awaiting our international orders to be sent out starting the 5th.

2 days later I receive another email where I am to indicate again how satisfied I am with the support I have received. I just ignore this one now. So I get another one in 2 days. And another one in a week. It’s September 9th now and my replacement headphones were supposed to ship on 5th so I ask what’s up.

Unfortunately our international replacement orders are facing another delay and will not be able to be shipped out until late this month. We can however set you up a full refund of the price you paid through money gram.

So at this point I’m irritated that I can’t run even with partially working headphones for almost 2 months so I opt-in for a refund. Finally we’re getting somewhere:

I just had your refund set up and you will be sent another email from our refund team within 5-7 business days with further instructions on how to obtain your refund through MoneyGram

Or so I thought. Radio silence again. A week later another automated email. I shoot a short reply that I haven’t received anything yet.

Our refund verifications are a bit backed up now I apologize for that. If you do not get the refund instructions by Friday please contact me back and I will push your refund through as much as possible.

Come Friday, still nothing. So next Tuesday, September 27th, I shoot another email that I haven’t received anything yet. Radio silence. I go to Twitter again:

This time no reply, no DM, no email. Nada. So I DM them a couple of times. Silence. Up until Oct 12th:

Hey, I do apologize about the delay. Unfortunately our support team is experiencing high volumes of contact right now. They will contact you as soon as they can.

And they do. The same guy wants me to destroy my headphones. Again. I did that almost 2 months ago (50 days to be exact). So I tell him that together with a snark remark that it’s been 88 days since my first contact.

2 days later I get this:

It is not possible to give you a refund of the product as we cannot proceed refund in Slovenia.

They knew I was from Slovenia all along so what’s this now!? Also I see plenty of MoneyGram locations in Slovenia so I really don’t understand what’s up. I tell them that and then (predictably) silence and an auto-reply 2 days later how satisfied I am with support request resolution. I get furious now:


So now they offer a bank transfer. I provide my banking details and they tell me it will take “4-6 weeks to have this fully processed”. I don’t know where they’re routing the money from that it takes so long, but whatever.

Predictably 6 weeks later my bank account is still untouched by Logitech. A couple of days earlier the successor to X2 (X3) comes out. So I shoot an email that I still haven’t received any refund and ask if it’s possible to get X3’s instead. They are priced lower than X2’s so it should be possible.

5 days later (Dec 12th) they reply that X3 is not in stock. I tell them that it’s been over 5 months since my original request and that at this point I can wait a bit longer for it to be in stock. They tell me it won’t be in stock till February (knowing them this means July). Additionally they say that they can not cancel the refund but promise me I’ll get it before the end of the year. I tell them they better hurry because come new year I’m switching banks1.

One week later:

I am very sorry to have to tell you that the refund will not likely be processed before the end of the year.

Can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. But now they offered me X2 and Freedom2 even though they explicitly said earlier they can’t cancel a refund-in-progress. It’s now 156 days since my original request and 118 day since I destroyed the product. I just want this story to end. I go for that option.

A week later they ship them and on December 30th I receive my replacement X23 and a brand new Freedom. That concludes my half year long journey with Jaybird Support. Sure, I got brand new Freedoms free of charge, but I would trade them any day for a speedier support response.

All 6 months I’ve been looking for an alternative. Sadly nothing comes close to X2/X3 by specs not to mention reviews. So even though their support is horrible, I’m sticking with Jaybird. Their headphones are simply in a league of their own. That goes for both X2 and Freedom. I haven’t tried X3 yet but judging by reviews they’re even better than X2.

So if you’re in the market for wireless and/or sport headphones I can’t recommend Jaybird enough. Hopefully support will improve as well once Logitech integrates them fully in their system.

Let me know.

  1. I switched to N26 - it’s awesome! 

  2. Similar but smaller, fancier, and more expensive 

  3. In a different color because Charge wasn’t in stock